Terms & Conditions

Pick-up policy

For Airport transfers please take some time to carefully arrange your preferred pick-up time. You should aim to be at the airport at least 2 hours prior to your flight or earlier depend on the type of flight.

Clients must take into consideration travel time, traffic and other factors that may cause the client to miss their flights. KENNY EXPRESS- MINIBUS SERVICE does not take any responsibility for clients missing their flight caused by these factors.

Domestic Flights: Be at the airport at least 2 hours prior to the flight.

International Flights: Be at the airport at least 3 hours prior to the flight.

Booking policy

Bookings and changes should be made to our office. Please ensure all the information is correct before confirming the booking. KENNY EXPRESS- MINIBUS SERVICE is not responsible for any mistakes once the customer has already confirmed the booking.

Any forms of changes to trip’s details (address, times of pickup and return, seats) must be made one (1) day in advance prior to travelling date.

Any variations to the original bookings may incur additional charges and fees.

All transfers do not include toll charge. Please contact our office prior to departure to arrange toll charges.

KENNY EXPRESS- MINIBUS SERVICE reserves the right to outsource Charter Bus work, when it is unable to undertake a booking because of vehicle availability. (This will not result in an increase in the agreed quote provided unless the client specifically requests the vehicle provided.

Travelling policy

No smoking is permitted on any of our buses during the service.

Seatbelts must be worn at all times during the service for your own safety.

Eating and drinking are prohibited on the bus (except water).

Passengers will be responsible for any damages caused by themselves.

Passengers are not permitted to place any part of their body outside the vehicle, whilst the vehicle is moving.

Passengers are to take all their rubbish off the bus or put their rubbish in to the bins provided by KENNY EXPRESS- MINIBUS SERVICE; extra charges will apply if the bus is not clean by the end of the trip.

Payment policy

Payments can be made in part or full at our office, direct bank transfer or Full cash amount directly to the driver on the travelling day.

If Airport/ Cruise transfer is cancelled at least 48 hours prior to departure there will be no fee. However cancellations that are made with less than 48 hours’ notice will incur a $5.00 administration fee.

For Social event transfers, a minimum deposit of $50.00 should be made to us at least 48 hours prior the departure in order to secure the booking. If the customer does not make the deposit, the booking may be subject to change or cancellation. The deposit will be lost if the booking is cancelled less than 48 hours before departure.

Belongings policy

Passengers should check all their belongings before getting off the bus carefully as we are not responsible for any damages or loss to your belongings.

All lost property found on the bus will be returned to the KENNY EXPRESS- MINIBUS SERVICE office and registered in our Lost & Found Register. All lost property can be collected from our office 0409 108183 between 9:30 AM and 5:30 PM, Monday to Friday.

Safety policy

KENNY EXPRESS- MINIBUS SERVICE reserves the right to terminate a charter if any actions are deemed threatening or dangerous to the Driver or other passengers.

The Driver is also authorised to have an unruly passenger removed, who is threatening or placing the driver or passengers in a dangerous situation. (The removal of a passenger will not occur if it places that passenger at some form of risk, but the matter may be reported to the Police if deemed necessary by the Driver or the Management of KENNY EXPRESS- MINIBUS SERVICE).