Jacaranda Grafton

In mid-October to mid-November, the streets and parks of this Northern New South Wales city are transformed into something out of a dream when the Jacarandas explode in all their purple glory.

Grafton’s just a few hours south of Brisbane and with the Pacific Highway upgrades, about a six-hour drive from Sydney (or an easy flight or train). So come for two or three-day mini-break, recharge your senses and immerse yourself in Grafton’s Jacaranda Season.

Where are the trees?

It might be easier to ask ‘where aren’t the trees?’ There are streets after streets lined with Jacarandas around Grafton. Whether you want to take a stroll, ride a bike or drive a car, we would like to make your experience as easy as possible. Below we have a link to a downloadable map so you can easily ‘lose yourself’ in the purple haze, (without, er, literally getting lost.)

Things to do in and around the Jacarandas

Although you can spend all day just admiring the magic of the Jacarandas and soaking up their simple beauty, Grafton offers some lovely activities to make your stay memorable.

First of all, you should be warned that – for reasons unknown to science – time spent in the company of Jacaranda Trees makes a person ravenously hungry. We’re happy to advise that Grafton has a splendid array of cafés, eateries and restaurants that will relieve you of this condition.

Further to this: there’s always the option of picking up some delicious produce from a cafe, emporium, farmers market, or deli, and having a good old-fashioned picnic in your own patch of purple. (Tip for young players, if you’re looking to prove your romantic credentials with a partner, organising a picnic under a Jacaranda Tree is an extremely worthwhile investment of your energies)

And speaking of old-fashioned – remember books? Pick up a novel, perhaps one set in Grafton itself (“The Mint Lawn”, for example, written by our Clarence Valley Ambassador Gillian Mears), stretch out, start reading under the trees and let the blossoms fall as you while away the hours. You’ll feel like a character in your own novel.

If you’re more of an up-and-at-‘em kind of person (or couple, or family), perhaps the Jacarandas might fuel your sense of adventure. Use Grafton as a base from which to discover the delights of the Clarence Valley. (See this three-day itinerary to get you started).

OK, here’s a parting though (it’s a bit left-field, but go with us on this): Maybe one of the best things to do while visiting the Jacarandas is actually – just for a moment or two – to try to ‘be’ like a Jacaranda.
Think about it. Jacarandas (well, all trees, really) are excellent at just … being. So take a moment, put your device aside, take a few calming breaths and see if you can just … ‘be’.